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Money Management [Withdrawals Every Day] - admin - 03-11-2013 03:22 PM

I plan on trying to make 20 EUR every day and withdrawing it each day. Here are the stats of the system:

1. Start each day with a 60 EUR betting bank.

2. Bet only on fotball !

3. Attempt to make 20 EUR by staking full EUR 60 on a 1/3 shot or dividing the EUR 60 up into other bets.

4. When EUR 80 is reached, withdraw EUR 20 and wait for the next day, no matter how early this might occur.

5. If the EUR 60 are lost, there will be a seven day waiting period to the redeposit.

6. Anything over the EUR 20 profit will also be banked and totted up as a nice little bonus, but the aim of the profit stands at EUR 20 per day